Acting 101

Acting 101

Enroll your kids in one of our Acting 101 programs.

Modeling 101

Modeling 101

We'll help your child become more confident.

Photography 101

Photography 101

Allow us to help your child reach their full potential.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Founded by a Family That Cares

We proudly offer talent development services in Albany, NY

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. By instilling important skills and confidence at an early age, every kid can start their lives off on the right foot. Little Miss & Mr Ent was created to help kids build their confidence and give them the motivation to achieve anything they want in all areas of life.

Our family owned and operated talent development business is here to teach your kids the importance of art. We offer a variety of programs, including:

Child acting
Child modeling
Child photography

All our programs are broken up by age. We provide each child with the opportunity to audition, participate in events and become a part of the community. Our development services will help propel your kids towards body positivity and self-confidence. Enroll them in one of our courses in Albany, NY today.

Our mission

Our goal as a company is to provide
talent development services that teach your kids about:





We firmly believe it's important for them to know that they're beautiful in their own individual way. Our talent development programs will help them develop their self-awareness and confidence. Allow us to help your children become the best versions of themselves.

We'll get your kids involved
in the community

On top of our talent development programs, we provide children with the opportunity to participate in the surrounding communities. Through our child acting, child modeling and child photography courses, we create well-rounded individuals. We strive to instill the importance body positivity and confident self-awareness in each of our students.

You can count on us because we go the extra mile to help mold your kids into successful, respectful and confident young adults. To learn more about what we can do for your kids, call 518-360-5256 now.