Does Your Child Want to Be a Model?

Sign them up for child modeling classes in Albany, NY

Every child has their own passions and goals. When your child mentions they have an interest in models or loves watching runway shows on television, reach out to Little Miss & Mr Ent. We offer child modeling programs that can help your child develop their skills and self-awareness.

On top of our courses, we set up child modeling opportunities so they can build their portfolios through live event modeling. We'll help turn your child into a confident and talented individual in Albany, NY. Contact us right now to learn more about our modeling programs.

Our modeling groups are broken down by age

Teaching your child to be confident is one of the main goals of our Modeling 101 classes. Child modeling helps mold them into individuals who aren't afraid to be in front of a camera or walk on a runway. Our Child Modeling 101 classes incorporate:

  • Two-hour rehearsals to help them gain confidence
  • Modeling sessions so they learn how to walk and pose in front of a camera
  • Fashion meetings so they can pick clothes or have something custom-made

Our program also includes event-based child modeling opportunities. Your kids will model at events or shows to practice their learned skills. We offer live photography at every event, so every child will receive photos to add to their portfolio.

We're here to help your kids pursue their passions. Call 518-360-5256 now to learn more about our enrollment process.